270611_195031367325242_1905471030_n authorMarvin James was an alcoholic, felon, pastor, and adulterer. He is also the author of the book, The Secret of Marriage: Do the Opposite of What I Did. Today, Marvin is a counselor in Arizona, married, the father of seven children, and works independently with men struggling in their own pasts as they try to move forward.

His book is an unvarnished look at the life of one man facing demons, learning from mistakes, and finally brushing himself off and stepping forward as someone different than he was before. In it he shares what he learned about himself, fatherhood, marriage, forgiveness, and the power of Jesus Christ.

You can visit Marvin at his website, follow along on Twitter and Facebook, and purchase his book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

 (Correction – In the conversation, Marvin is referenced as having five children, he has seven children.)