Are you a blogger, author, podcaster, or other influencer interested in being part of a future Fatherhood Wide Open (FWO) episode? FWO is an audio program conducted in an one-on-one discussion style format with the goal of generating intelligent conversation on the issues facing men and fathers today. Programs are 45-60 minutes in length, depending on content, and published monthly. The topics will be based primarily on your individual thoughts and writings.

Bloggers – If you are a blogger please provide your blog site and furnish any blog posts that you feel would bring value to the discussion. In addition to the program’s primary mission my intent is also to build awareness to your website and your message. Your blog site and a small biography will be included in the published episode.

Authors/Writers – As an author your published work will be the central focus of the conversation. As such, you will be asked to furnish a copy of your work in advance of our conversation so I can generate the high level Q&A. If your work is available online please provide those sources as they will be linked, in addition to your website and any other resources plus a brief biography in the published episode.

Podcasters – if you operate a podcast please provide the name of your podcast as well as any episodes that you believe would bring value to our conversation. As stated earlier part of the intent of FWO is bringing awareness to your individual project(s). Your podcast details as well as a personal biography will be included in the published episode.

Influencers – If you  do not write on these topics, that doesn’t mean you can’t add value to the conversation. Please provide your organization or project and its purpose, or furnish other important details for why you’d like to participate in the program.

If you have questions feel free to use the contact form.

I look forward to our conversation.